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Make the right choice, if you ever have an issue we can get to you in 4 hours. With one of the largest fleets of service vehicles in Canada, Reliance fixes problems fast — even on weekends and holidays.

A high efficiency furnace will ensure that your business is saving more money on fuel bills over the life of the high efficiency furnace, plus savings on electricity bills due to energy efficient ECM blower motors. A reliable, high-performing cooling system is a must for commercial buildings, residential properties and large applications. A boiler supplies the hot water or steam needed for radiant heat distribution system within in a building. Ductless HVAC systems use wall mounted indoor units that supply heat and air conditioning without the use of duct work.


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These systems have flexible installation options and provide heat or cooling room by room. Rooftop and Make-up Air Units are large commercial sized HVAC equipment that provide heating and cooling for centralized systems in shops or commercial buildings.

Call Now: or Request a Callback. Never worry about being without hot water, heating or cooling. For over 50 years, Reliance has serviced Canadian businesses as well as the unique needs of landlords, property managers and their tenants.

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In fact we are proud to have received over 23, perfect online reviews. Whether you choose to rent or finance, we have options for you. We can even buy back your equipment and place you on an affordable rental plan to protect you from future repairs and maintenance costs. Reliance Commercial Solutions has been providing heating, hot water, and plumbing products and services to Canadians for more than 50 years. Our customers know they can count on us for fast, friendly, knowledgeable service and advice.

And that's comfortable.

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Based on decades of performance testing and refinement, Amana has been trusted for generations for heating and cooling systems. Carrier features a complete line of equipment and controls designed to deliver industry leading performance with less energy consumption and environmental impacts. As much as I hate all of this, it is what I agreed too, because I like the house and got a relatively good deal on it.

Does anyone here have experience ending a furnace rental with reliance? What did they charge to remove the furnace?

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I am thinking the best course of action is probably to finish the rental term, pay to remove the furnace, then have a different reputable HVAC company install a modern system I can own outright. After your contract is up, I'd ask Reliance when they'd like to pick up their old furnace. Have your HVAC installers remove the Reliance unit - cost to you for them to do it would be minimal if any.

I did this when I replaced my rental hot water tank with one I bought. The installers removed the old tank and delivered it to the rental companies location can't remember who at no cost to me. Hey, what daveco said is how it works.

How to identify a high efficiency furnace by Reliance Home Comfort

The contractors will remove your old furnace and drop it off at a Reliance warehouse for you. This can happen for your water heater too, but it's more common for contractors to leave the old water heater in your garage. Then Reliance will come and pick up the tank.

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  5. If for some reason they won't waive the fee, you can drop it off at a warehouse yourself for free. I was less worried about the water tank due to the relatively lower cost, but was going to have to figure it out eventually anyways! I also inherited a contract with the house purchase and that contract ended last year.

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    AC motor so it sucks power. Nothing wrong with it since they replaced the pcb a couple winters ago. I laughed at them and said I'd call them back once I found a replacement. We then played the same game with the 2 year old water heater rental; replacement.