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The truck comes, he opens the top, it is full, the guy pumps it, I asked, while the top was open, if they would jet out the lines because solids can clog the line going to the Distribution Box, he said it did not need it and the it should be fine. Days, NOT weeks, later I have gray water coming out the ground.

I call them back, they send a tech, he does nothing but dig to the top, but does not open it, calls the office, and they said for another full charge, they can re-pump it, but that is all. They offered no solutions, no options, no service, nor concern… they just wanted more money to re-pump. I asked and secretly recorded if I did that, will they jet the Distribution Line. The Tech said they do NOT jet lines, but they are looking to buy a jet in the near future remember, I recorded the entire conversation , yet their web site clearly states they jet and service lines, the tech said they do not do anything beyond septic tank itself.

I challenged that and said, but if you pump a tank full of solids, it is only logical that solids go into the line to the Distribution Box, he said yes, UPDATE 20 Apr: Per our conversation on the telephone, Budget Sewer made it clear that their employee "misspoke" by saying you guys do not own any jets to clean lines, and that their company could in fact have jetted the line from the septic tank to the distribution box.

Fun thing is, I had a competitor do their job for them. Per their competitor, "The Georgia Code for pumping older cement "T" tanks, the company is suppose to dig up both covers at both the inlet cement "T" and outlet cement "T. He just stood there asking for more money to pump it a second time. Now I was there, and only one hole was dug and I have pictures too. Now according to Budget Sewers assessment, my drain field was all messed up and the using jets will cause all this harm when the whole time And they hung up in my face, and it cost me double, for in my Opinion is, is pure incompetence, lack of attention to detail, lack of training, and lack of knowledge of the code I am just a customer right?

Now for good measure, I had their competitor do what Budget Sewer advertises they do i. Their competitor dug up my distribution box Budget Sewer can Keep the money from their failed attempt The management and employees came off as though you could never be wrong without even looking, let me say that again Budget Sewer was a life saver.

Vegetable, herb and Flower seed. Clothes, tools, seeds, books, furniture. Spring Hill Nurseries.

Modern and antique roses. Elm St. Stokes Tropicals. Many unusual seeds. Box , Jackson, NJ ; Tomato Growers Supply. Tomato seeds, supplies; free catalog; P. Box , Fort Myers, FL ; customer service number is ; order line Wayside Gardens. Flowers and shrubs. White Flower Farm. Annuals, perennials, shrubs and bulbs collected from around the world. Box 50, Litchfield, CT ; Woodlanders Inc.

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Abundant Life Seeds Catalog Request this free seed catalog by filling out the form completely. The seed catalog is free to those who live in the U.

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Abundant Life Seeds puts out a free seed catalog that includes vegetable seeds, herb seeds, garlic and shallot bulbs, and garden accessories that you can purchase from them. They sell heirloom vegetable, Flower, and herb seeds.

Fill out a short form to get a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog send to your mailbox. If you live in the U. S, you can request a free Bluestone Perennials plant catalog. Those who live in the U. Request this free heirloom seed catalog by filling out the form. This free seed catalog is available worldwide. This free gardening catalog is available worldwide. Each year they publish a new seed catalog that includes all of their vegetables, flowers, perennials, herbs, and heirloom seeds and plants. Those in the U. They specialize in onions and has a wide variety of onion and leek bulbs available for purchase.

You can request a free Dutch Gardens Flower catalog if you live in the U. Those in the continental U.

Musser Forests

If you're in the U. You can get your Gurney's plant and seed catalog filled with vegetable seeds and plants, fruit and nut trees, perennials and roses, bulbs, shrubs, Flower and grass seeds, and much more completely for free. Fill out this short form to get your free Gurney's seed catalog.

It's only available to those in the U. You can request a free plant catalog from Heronswood if you reside in the U. They also have a large selection of heriloom seeds.

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Request a rose, plant, or gift catalog to be sent to you if you live in the U. Request a free seed catalog from Johnny's Selected Seeds if you live the U. You can request your free NESeed catalog by filling out the request form. The seed catalog is available worldwide. Request their free seed catalog by going through the checkout process to order it. Park Seed Co. You can get a free seed catalog by filling out the form to request one. It's available to the U. All of the Peaceful Valley Organic seed catalogs are available for download or you can scroll down the page to request the seed catalogs to be mailed to you.

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. Plant Delights Nursery sends out a free seed catalog and plant owner's manual every year. If you'd like to request a Plant Delights Nursery seed catalog , fill out the form. This seed catalog is available worldwide. The Raintree Nursery's plant catalog is available for download or if you live in the U. Gurney's specializes in vegetable seeds and garden seeds, nursery plants, fruit trees,. It's easy to request this heirloom seed catalog from Seed Savers Exchange. It's available worldwide.

They also have a wide selection of tools, supplies, books, and gifts. You can request a free seed catalog to be sent to your home or company address in the U. You can request a free seed catalog from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange as long as you live in the U. You can find all this and more in their free seed catalog. You can request a free seed catalog from Territorial Seed Company if you live in the U.

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You'll find all of these items packed into the free plant and seed catalog that they offer. You can request a free seed catalog from The Online Greenhouse if you live in the U. They also have organic seeds. You can request a free plant and seed catalog from Totally Tomatoes by following the directions on their website. You'll receive your free catalog in weeks. You can get a free copy of the Urban Farmer seed catalog by filling out the short form. This is only available to U.

The free seed catalog from Veseys is available to those in the U. Their free plant catalog will showcase all of their customer's favorites. You can request this free bulb and plant catalog by filling out the short form.

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Request a free Wildseed Farms seed catalog by filing out the catalog request form. You'll receive your free seed catalog in weeks. Angelgrove Tree Seed Company - tree seeds for Japanese, flowering, shade and bonsai trees. ANi Direct Seeds - wide variety of exotic seeds including, palms, bonsai, cacti. Annie's Heirloom Seeds - We are one of the few all heirloom seed companies, and we are proud to play a role in preserving our agricultural heritage.

Check out our website, or request a free catalog. Bountiful Gardens - biointensive, organic, naturally-grown seeds Burpee - flowers, vegetables, berries, gardening supplies The Calypso Orchid Company - Source verified Calypso bulbosa var:occidentalis seed for research and landscape. Elixir Farm produces Chinese and North American medicinal plant seeds organically Filaree Farm - over unique strains of seed garlic collected from sources all over the world.